De La Salle College of Saint Benilde


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CAV (Certification, Authentication & Verification)₱1,350.00
Certified True Copy (CTC) - Diploma₱103.00
Certified True Copy (CTC) - TOR₱103.00
Certificate - PAASCU Accreditation₱204.00
CERTIFIED TRUE COPY (CTC) - Course Description (per subject) ₱103.00
CERTIFICATE - Degree Program CHED Recognition ₱204.00
CERTIFICATE - Bona Fide Graduate with SO Exemption₱204.00
CERTIFICATE - Bona Fide Graduate with SO No.₱204.00
CERTIFICATE - Bona Fide Graduate with Program Duration₱204.00
CERTIFICATE - Bona Fide Graduate (Graduation Credentials in process) ₱204.00
CERTIFICATE - Course Completion₱204.00
Re-print of Student Enrollment Record (SER) formerly referred to as "EAF"₱268.00
Breakdown of Assessment₱89.00
Certified True Copy (CTC) - F137₱89.00
Certified True Copy (CTC) - F-138₱89.00
Copy of Grades₱166.00
Degree Program Flow Chart₱180.00
Transfer Credential (Honorable Dismissal)₱1,013.00
TOR For EVALUATION purposes₱702.00
TOR For EMPLOYMENT purposes₱702.00
TOR For FURTHER STUDIES (for graduates only)₱702.00
TOR For BOARD EXAM purposes (for graduates only)₱702.00
Certificate - Batch/Academic Ranking₱204.00
Certificate - Bona Fide Graduate₱204.00
Certificate - Bona Fide Graduate with Commencement Date₱204.00
Certificate - Bona Fide Graduate with Honors₱204.00
Certificate - Bona Fide Graduate with Pending SO NO.₱204.00
Certificate - Bona Fide Graduate with SO Exemption₱204.00
Certificate - Bona Fide Student₱204.00
Certificate - Candidate for Graduation (w/ Commencement Date)₱204.00
CERTIFICATE - Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) ₱204.00
Certificate - Currently Enrolled₱204.00
Certificate - Currently Enrolled w/ Start and End of Classes₱204.00
CERTIFICATE - DL Certification (per Term)₱204.00
Certificate - DL Certification (All Terms)₱204.00
Certificate - English as the Medium of Instruction₱204.00
CERTIFICATE - Enrolled Subjects (per Term)₱204.00
Certificate - Expected to Graduate₱204.00
CERTIFICATE - Final Grades (per Term)₱204.00
Certificate - Leave of Absence (LOA) (1 term only)₱204.00
Certificate - Leave of Absence (LOA) (All Terms)₱204.00
CERTIFICATE - Midterm Grades (per Term)₱204.00
CERTIFICATE - No Obligation and Liabilities₱204.00
CERTIFICATE - No Records of Enrollment (per Term)₱204.00
Certificate - NSTP Serial Number₱204.00
Certificate - PSID Consortium (for BS-IND students only)₱204.00
Certificate - Recommendation for Second Baccalaureate Degree₱204.00
Certificate - Recommendation for Master's Degree₱204.00
CERTIFICATE - Term Grade Point Average (GPA)₱204.00
Certificate - Units Earned₱204.00
CERTIFICATE - Was Enrolled (per Term)₱204.00
Certificate - Was Enrolled (All Terms)₱204.00
CERTIFICATE - Was Enrolled w/ Start and End of Classes (per Term)₱204.00
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